Ilm Academy 2020-21 School Year: Reopening Plans

School Reopening Plan

Despite the very unpredictable and sensitive present times, Ilm Academy looks forward to a fulfilling and successful new academic year. Resilience is of the essence here, and with the constant help of Allah (swt), we are confident that we will persist.   

As mentioned in the  advisory sent to parents at the start of summer, Ilm Academy will closely monitor the constantly changing situation and will devise its reopening plans strictly as per the guidelines laid out by the ACPHD, FUSD, and the CDE. As per Governor Newsom’s announcement of July 17, the physical reopening of schools in 2020-21 is tied to the overall disease conditions in the respective county. Counties are placed on watchlists according to disease conditions in the area and are only likely to be removed from the list when conditions improve. No school in the county can offer in-person education until the county has been off the state monitoring list for 14 consecutive days.   

That said, Alameda County has been placed on the State Monitoring List since July 12 because of COVID-19 case rate above 100 per 100,000 residents. Given the high rate of cases in the county, this situation is highly unlikely to change anytime very soon. Hence, no school in the county, including Ilm Academy, can offer in-person instruction but only distance learning. This may not have been what many of us expected or anticipated but health is of paramount concern at this point. Ilm Academy will be continuing its virtual education program in fall 2020, and will ensure that the quality of education for its students does not lag despite the change in its delivery.   

Over the past few months of the pandemic, health officials and educational experts agree and stress that it is imperative for children to stay in school regardless of the platform. In these highly unpredictable times, children have been affected the most by the disruption of normalcy in their lives. Remaining connected to their classmates and teachers, and adhering to an organized and structured learning environment is the best thing we as parents and educators can do to help maintain stability in their normal, everyday routine, even if virtually.   

Ilm Academy will be mapping out the procedures and guidelines on school reopening and will keep parents regularly ​updated through  school correspondence. This includes emails regarding specific orientation times per grade level, and book pick up schedules.  ​​​

We look forward to welcoming everyone back. 

Jzk Allah Khairan,


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