School Spirit Week 12/17 – 12/21

During the week of 12/17-12/21 Ilm Academy will be holding its annual Spirit Week. The guidelines for this week are as follows:
Monday 12/17 : Color Day – free dress day. The color for each grade level will be announced by the Homeroom Teachers.
Tuesday 12/18 : School Spirit Poster Day. As last year, the students in each grade level will be making posters on a common theme. There will be in-class judging for the winners.
Wednesday 12/19: Community – Adopt an Orphan Day(all funds collected will be handed over to Sister Dian (Givelight Foundation). The details for the Adopt an Orphan program are also on the website.
Thursday 12/20 : Sports Day
Friday 12/21: Culture Day – Students will dress in their cultural attire. They are welcome to share interesting cultural items with their classmates and bring food items too. This will be at grade level. Please contact your child’s teacher for more details.
A Scholastic Book Fair will also be held during the same week. We encourage you to encourage your child/children to buy books and take an active part in reading and writing.


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