Orphan Sponsorship Program

Ilm Academy recently invited Sister Dian Alyan, founder of Givelight Foundation, to give a presentation to Ilm Academy students last month on October 19th 2018. The Givelight Foundation has built and is running orphanages for children in many different Countries all over the world including Indonesia, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Haiti. At present it is making support efforts in Syria, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan and a number of other needy countries. Insha Allah Ilm Academy will be starting an orphan sponsor program at the school and will be sending out more information in the upcoming weeks.

Supporting orphans is such an important and integral part of our beautiful Deen that its importance cannot be overstated. llm Academy hopes to inspire all its students with such efforts. Insha Allah. The details for fund collection will be sent home with the students. Information can also be had from the office or via your child’s teacher. It takes $100 a month (for 10 months) to sponsor a single orphan. There is no limit as to how many orphans can be sponsored by one family. Ilm Academy aims to collect the funds together per orphans and donate it to Givelight rather than collect the money on monthly basis. Insha Allah, we hope to see an impressive number of families sponsoring orphans.


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