Bake Sale 2018!

What: Bake Sale

When: Friday, Oct. 5th 

Where: Ilm Academy Campus 

At: 11:00 a.m. 

Assalam Aleikum wrt All,

Inshallah, it is time again for a much-looked-forward-to Ilm Academy tradition; the  yearly Bake Sale! The event will be held at 11 am on Friday, October 5th at the School Campus.
The Bake Sale was a huge success last year and we are appreciative to all those who participated and pray for another successful event this year as well.
The proceeds from the Bake Sale will be used for purchasing sports jerseys for the school sports team and supplies for local homeless shelters.

Jazaakum Allah khairan for all your cooperation in making all of Ilm Academy events very successful ones.

Wa Salam Aleikum wrt

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