Shoedrive Fundraiser

What: Fundraiser

Items needed: Gently used or new shoes of any size

Drop-off Location: Ilm Academy 

Deadline: End Oct. 31


Asslaam Aleikum wrt,

Ilm Academy is working with Funds2Orgs in the upcoming few weeks for a shoe drive fundraiser platform for the school. Please feel free to visit for more information about the organization and how it operates. In short, the gently used or new shoes are collected to be distributed overseas in countries that are in need.

If you have any unwanted new or lightly used shoes that you would like to donate to the cause, please bring them/send them with your child to the school campus over the next 2-3 weeks. Funds2Orgs will collect these shoes will reimburse Ilm Academy based on the number of pairs of shoes that have been donated.

  • We request that only clean, GENTLY USED or NEW shoes be donated.
  • Please make sure that the shoes are clean and free of soil and debris.
  • Also, please use large size rubber bands around the pair to keep it together. This will make our volunteers job easier in sorting the pairs.


Ilm Academy plans to use the funds raised for the school’s sports teams. So, let’s clean out those shoe closets and put the unused shoes to good use!

Jazaakum Allah khairan

Wa Salam Aleikum wrt

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