Elective Courses Offered from December 11

Starting December 11th, 2017, InshaAllah, Ilm Academy will offer two interesting Elective Classes to our MS (5th -8th grade) students to choose from. They will have the opportunity to explore and choose one of the two separate courses that include Home Economics and Intro to Technology. The elective classes will be held during school hours (2:00 – 2:30pm), the departure time remains the same (Monday – Thursday 3:10 pm)

Elective Course #1: Introduction to Technology

The curriculum is designed to

  • Introduce the children to technology relevance in our daily lives
  • Understand some of the issues involved in creating electronic hardware and software
  • Solutions to real world applications.
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (both hardware and software).
  • Coding/Robotics

Some of the areas covered in the curriculum will be:

  • Basic electronics and electricity.
  • What are circuits? How relevant are they to our daily lives?
  • What is electricity? How is it generated? How do we use it?
  • Hands on Lab work using breadboards and supplies to build simple circuits (no cost)
  • What is software? Why do we need it? Optional Section on Basic hands on programming using Arduino or Raspberry Pi 3 motherboards to   solve real world problems (advanced project with some minimal cost involved for supplies).

Elective Course #2: Life Skills & Home Economics

Teaching our children life skills is a key part of their growing up. It can be easy to take the things we do daily and weekly for granted, forgetting that our children might not have gained these skills. In order for our children to grow up, move out, and become fully functioning adults they need to be taught these life skills. Gathering essentials for Home Economics is the first step in being able to take care of themselves when they are out on their own and help their parents manage the household at home.

Topics included in the curriculum:

Schedule for Elective Classes:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Introduction to Technology – Shaikh Hasan (2:00 -2:30 pm)


Home Economics —–Grade level Teacher/Khala Bokharey (2:00 -2:30 pm)


Creative Writing with Khala Irum + 1 more (2:00 -2:30 pm)

InshaAllah, Shaykh Hasan will send the information to all MS parents. The classes are offered for free and included in the Ilm Academy Curriculum.



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