School Spirit Week

“Gratitude makes sense of our past
Brings peace for today
And creates a vision for tomorrow” – Mary Beattle

Alhumdullillah, the Student Council meetings are very productive every week. The Council Members come prepared with their proposals, produce well written meeting minutes later, and are efficient in assigning tasks to themselves and following up on them. A lot of credit goes here to the respective teachers for grooming their sense of responsibility.

As proposed by the Student Council, the first ever Spirit Week for Ilm Academy will be held in the week after the First Trimester Exams. This will be during December 4-8. The sequence of events for each day have been prepared as follows:

Monday, December 4
Color Day!
For this day, each grade will have its own color. The Student Council has allocated the following colors for the grades. The student can free dress in the assigned color only. Please keep the modesty and properness of the attire in mind even if it is a free dress day.

Tuesday, December 5
School Spirit Poster Day (themed contest – prizes for the best artists)
Students are encouraged to create posters on the following subjects as per their grade levels. Supplies will be provided at the school.
Kindergarten –  Friendship
1st Grade – Happiness/ Joy/Fun
2nd Grade –  Respect
3rd & 4th Grade – Pride
Middle School –  Honesty

Wednesday, December 6
Adopt a Tree at School Day
Students are encouraged to adopt a tree around the school site and tie and ribbon around it. They will then be ‘taking care’ of their tree throughout the school year.

Thursday, December 7
Sports Day (Teachers vs Students)
The students at each grade level will compete against each other on sports day. The top winners will then compete against their teachers. The assigned games per grade level are as follows:
Kindergarten –  Race
1st Grade – Three Legged Race
2nd Grade –  ?
3rd & 4th Grades –  Hurdle Race
Middle School –  Basketball
Boys vs. Shaikh Hasan, Maulana Imran, and a few more
Girls vs. Khala Fatima Zahra, Khala Nahayya, Khala Uzma, Khala Heena, Khala Shehniela, Khala Shazia, Khala Syeda

Friday, December 5
Cultural Day (dress up day)
Cultural days are fun and colorful events where students have the opportunity to dress up according to their cultures. This encourages a sense of identity and the spirit of pride in heritage.
Insha Allah, the students are looking forward to having a lot of educational fun during the Spirit Week…!

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