Bake Sale!

The Ilm Academy Bake Sale held on November 3 to raise funds for the Northern California Fire Victims was a huge success and helped raise $3,024.00. Held in the gym area with a variety of store bought and homemade food items, the bake sale started at 11 a.m. and ended at around 12:30. Ilm Academy periodically arranges bake sales in order to help raise funds for needy causes in the community and to keep the spirit of generosity and sharing alight in the students.

Mariam Malik of 6th Grade, Student Council General Secretary, says, “I like Bake Sales because the money helps either the harmed or poor in the community, or the school. I also like them because we can play with our friends and get candies and treats that we can only get once in a while. This Bake Sale was one of the best, especially since we have a new building and much more can be accomplished.”

In the words of Haniah Owais, 6th Grade, “The best part of the Bake Sale was that I got to help people affected by the wildfires. I felt a really warm happiness inside of me and I want to keep helping. And because I stayed after school, I also got a chance to help with the donations.”

Essa Shaghasi, 6th Grade, says, “This year’s Bake Sale was one of a kind. We raised money for the people affected by the California wildfire. I really liked this year’s Bake Sale not only because we raised donations for people affected by wildfires but because it was our first Bake Sale in Masjid Zakaria.” According to Yusuf Bandarkar, 6th Grade, “I feel that the Bake Sale was a huge success. We not only raised over $3,000.00, it was also lots of fun.”

Aiham Amari of 7th Grade, also the Student Council Vice-President, says, “Alhamdullillah, Ilm Academy just had its first Bake Sale in the new building. The students looked forward to it very eagerly. It felt great to participate in a fun event, but knowing that it was for a good cause.”

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