Student Council Elections

Ilm Academy is in full gear to elect its first student council for the year. The offices of the Treasurer, General Secretary, Vice-President, and President will be filled by the middle school. Each grade K-4 will elect a class present. The nominees for all offices have already been named and are now campaigning actively to win the seats on October 31, 2017.

Student councils help promote the spirit of leadership, responsibility, and accountability in the students. Running for these offices and the process of campaigning fosters awareness for the importance of the electoral process in the larger picture.

Currently, nominees for the Student Council are in the process of introducing themselves to the classes  and are highlighting their plans for how they will use their seat to bring about positive changes in the school. Following are the nominees from each grade level:


Ammar Elsharty

Zikra Niaz

Isaac Bayan

1st Grade

Marwa Alamkhel

Zaki Alim

Rayhan Tabrez

Aaqib Altalib

2nd Grade

Sarah Hurani

Liyana Hayat

Sayeda Malikzadah

Haris Rehman

Hamza Makda

3rd Grade

Sahlah Danish

Ahmed Rashid

Walee Alim

4th Grade

Ibrahim Malik

Omar Hasan

Saliha Alim

5th Grade Treasurer

Muhammad Ali

Mahaviya Durrani

Saly Amari

6th Grade General Secretary

Mariam Malik

Yusuf Bandarkar

Mustafa Malik

7th Grade Vice-President

Aiham Amari

Maha Durrani

Maryam Kauther

8th Grade President

Fawaz Anwar

Hamza Bandarkar

Bilal Makda


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