Evening for Parents – Huge Success!

Ilm Academy held its Evening for Parents for the new school year on Friday, September 28. The event was organized in the gym area and was attended by almost 200 people, Masha Allah.

The evening started with an introduction from the school Vice-Principal, Shaikh Hassan Malik. This was followed with talks from Mufti Mudassir, Mufti Nawaz, and Maulana Tamim Ahmadi. The scholars spoke about the importance of the school for the community and its role in shaping the future of the children. They specifically touched upon the points of the school being focused not only upon the Islamic and regular academics of the children but, most importantly, also upon their Tarbiyaah.

Maulana Tamim expressively emphasized the need for parents to be involved with their children. In the shaky present times, he pointed out, it was especially critical that parents had close and comfortable bonds with the children so that children had no qualms in discussing any issue with their parents. It is when communication gaps are allowed to occur that other individuals avail the opportunity to fill that vacuum. That is a chance that parents should not take.

After the scholars addresses, Maulana Imran, Ilm Academys Director for Deenyat/Islamic Studies, discussed the general plan for this years Deenyat program at the school. The Principal, Khala Bokharey introduced the schools teaching staff. The parents were then invited to visit their child/childrens classrooms and meet the teachers. Alhamdullillah, the well-organized classrooms, notice boards highlighting the students work during the past few weeks, and the presentations by the teachers were highly appreciated. Parents also had the opportunity to ask questions and to sign up for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences.

The school would like to thank the parent community for making Ilm Academys first major event at the new facility highly successful.

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