The new Ilm Academy lobby now hosts an impressive, 4×3.5′ original acrylic on canvas painted entirely by the students and teachers.  A true work of art, the dramatic painting is titled ‘Unity’ by Khala Nahaya, Ilm Academy’s 7th Grade Homeroom and Middle-School Math teacher.

The theme for the artwork was conceptualized by Khala Nahaya and the design is a tessellation, a tile pattern of close fitting shapes that repeat themselves without gaps or overlaps. For this particular tessellation, she chose a strikingly artistic tear-drop shape.

Khala Nahaya’s whole idea behind this arresting and colorful piece of art was to illustrate the fact that people can live and work together in harmony despite their differences. In the painting, each student was assigned one tear-drop shape to design and paint as he or she wished. Shapes were also assigned to each teacher. The students spent well over two months in designing and painting of ‘Unity’. Throughout the completion of the project, their unity and harmony was Masha Allah truly commendable.

When on campus, do take a moment to view the work of our students and make dua that may Allah (swt) keep the Ummah forever united, compassionate, and respectful towards each other. Ameen.

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