Ilm Academy - A Comprehensive and Structured Virtual Education Model

Ilm Academy is a K-8 full time Islamic School in the heart of Fremont. With an emphasis on Deeniyat and Islamic studies, Ilm Academy lays equal stress on core subjects, including history, science, language arts, and math. The school started its 2018 academic year at its new facility with state of the art classrooms, science lab, library, and full time 8th Grade. The students at Ilm Academy enjoy a wholesome learning experience with creative writing projects, taking part in community focused activities to create an awareness for meaningful causes, and attending school sponsored events, and field trips.

In the spring of 2020 as education around the world was momentarily halted due to the unprecedented global pandemic, Ilm Academy had a virtual education program designed and implemented within a short 10 days. With a distant learning schedule that made allowance for an easily adaptable screen time, the new educational platform included regular teaching of all core subjects along with Deeniyat, islamic studies, and PE. Ilm Academy was proud to culminate the academic year 2019-2020 with no loss of required teaching days, fully administered  final exams, and a year end graduation for grade 8 that fully adhered to health and social distancing directives.

As Ilm Academy reopen its doors to yet another exciting and well-planned 2020-2021 school year, all required groundwork is in place to continue the comprehensive and well structured distant education model for virtual learning which has already proven to be a success. Insha Allah, Ilm Academy continues to monitor the situation closely and has full plans to shift into a hybrid physical learning mode as soon as it is permitted.

Join Ilm Academy to ensure that your child’s education remains undisrupted in the midst of a time of historical upheaval. Children, more than anyone else, need stability and a sense of normalcy in their lives, and Ilm Academy strives to ensure that this is achieved as greatly as possible through an educational institute that understands this fully.


New Enrollments Open
Ilm Academy is now accepting applications for new enrollments for Grades K-9 for the 2021-22 academic year. Applications may be accessed on the website or by calling the school office during normal business days.
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Presidents’ Day
School will be closed for Presidents' Day Holiday.
Second Trimester Finals
The second trimester for the 2020-21 school year will end on Feb. 19 and the final exams will be held Feb. 23 -26.
School Library
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24, Curriculum Pick Up-Grades K-8
28, New Parents Orientation Day Grades 1-6
2, First Day of School Grades 1-8
2, 3, 4, Kindergartener Orientation
7, Labor Day Holiday
8, First Day of School for KG
28-Oct 2, Parent/Teacher One-on-One Conferences
1, 2, Parent/Teacher One-on-One Conference
13, First Trimester Ends
16-20, First Trimester Exams
24,25, Speech Contest
26, 27, Thanksgiving Break
17, Report Cards Go Home
18, Parent/Teacher Conference Day
21-Jan 4, Winter Break
5, School Resumes for Students
14, Enrollment Opens for 2021-2022 School Year
18, MLK Jr. Holiday
28, New Student Enrollment Opens for 2021-2022 School Year
15, President's Day Holiday
19, Second Trimester Ends
23-26, Second Trimester Exams
8, Grades K-4 Reopen for Hybrid Learning
18, Second Term Reports Go Home
19, Parent/Teacher Conferences
22, Grade 5-8 Open for Hybrid Learning
13/14, Ramadan Starts
13-29, Ramadan Schedule Time
30-May 14, Spring and Eid Holidays
21, Third Trimester Ends
20-27, Third Trimester Exams
28, No School. Staff in Service Day
31, Memorial Day Holiday
1, No School. Staff in-Service Day
10, Awards Assembly Grades K-7. Report Card Pickup.
11, 8th Grade Graduation. Last Day of School.