School Calendar


13, First Day for Students
28, Evening for Parents
9—13, Conference Week
22, 1st Trimester Ends
23—24, Thanksgiving Holidays
27—30, 1st Trimester Finals
14, 1st Term Report Cards
15, Parent Teacher Conference
21—22, Speech Contest
25, Winter Break Start
2, Winter Break End
15, MLK Jr. Holiday
16, Enrollment Opens
15—16, Spelling Bee
1, 2nd Trimester Ends
15, 2nd Term Report Cards
16, Conference
26, SAT Testing Week
2—6, Spring Break
26, Science Fair
14—18, 3rd Term Finals
11, Sport/Fun Day
4—5, Award Assembly

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bees encourage vocabulary along with raising the drive for interclass challenge. At the moment, Ilm Academy students compete first in spelling bees at class level and the winners compete each other at finals. Spelling bees are judged by outside judges. Insha Allah, in the future the school hopes to see its best spellers compete in interschool spelling bees as well.

Seerah Competition

Ilm Academy yearly Seerah competition is a speech competition between various grade levels on the subject of the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (saw). Besides public speaking, the competition greatly encourages independent research on the subject.

Tech Challenge Participation

Select Ilm Academy scholars who excel at academics and science are selected to participate in the Tech Challenge to represent the school at the The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. The Museum invites children Grades 4-12 to employ an actual engineering design process in order to resolve a real problem. The solutions designed by the teams are then tested in front of a panel of judges. The Tech Challenge is among the most diverse science competitions in the country.

Awards Assembly

The school’s Annual Awards Assembly held during the last week of the school recognizes all the winners of the past year. Awards assembly revisits all the milestones of the school year and winners are recognized in one grand gathering.

Food Drive

In an attempt to raise awareness and compassion for those less fortunate in the community, Ilm Academy sponsors a yearly food drive for the homeless. Not only do the children make sandwiches for the homeless but assemble individual lunch bags to be distributed to homeless shelters and other needy organizations in the community.


Ilm Academy’s annual bakesales raise funds for donation to needy causes around the world. Organized and made greatly possible by the school’s mom volunteers, the bake sales are greatly looked forward to by the students. The event hugely encourages the qualities of teamwork, organization, and participation.

Science Fair

Ilm Academy organizes a school-wide science fair every year. Students from all grade levels spend a few months prior to the event in the planning and selection of their science fair presentations. The school is proud of the fact that even its youngest scholars in kindergarten take an enthusiastic part in preparing their exhibits. The event takes place in the evening and all parents are invited to view the science displays presented by each class. Winners are also selected in each grade level.