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Orphan Sponsorship Program

Ilm Academy recently invited Sister Dian Alyan, founder of Givelight Foundation, to give a presentation to Ilm Academy students last month on October 19th 2018. The Givelight Foundation has built and is running orphanages for children in many different Countries all over the world including Indonesia, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Haiti. At […]

Shoe Drive Fundraiser Update

Ilm Academy’s Shoe Drive Fundraiser is now in its second month and is continuing on full steam.  Jazaakum Allah khairan to all Ilm Acadey families that participated and continue to participate. The school would also specially like to thank the PTA parents who have been tirelessly putting effort into the shoe collection from different masajid, […]

Update on Shoe Drive and Bake Sale…

Ongoing Shoe Drive….! Ilm Academy’s  ongoing shoe drive for shoes4org is going very well, Alhamdullillah! The school has so far collected over sixteen bags of shoes with twenty-five pairs of shoes per bag….and still counting! There are bins placed inside the lobby and at the entrance for donations. The target is to collect at least […]

Bake Sale 2018!

What: Bake Sale When: Friday, Oct. 5th  Where: Ilm Academy Campus  At: 11:00 a.m.  Assalam Aleikum wrt All, Inshallah, it is time again for a much-looked-forward-to Ilm Academy tradition; the  yearly Bake Sale! The event will be held at 11 am on Friday, October 5th at the School Campus. The Bake Sale was a huge […]

Evening for Parents

What: Evening for Parents – PARENTS ONLY-NO CHILDREN ALLOWED  Where: Ilm Academy  When: September 27, 2018 At: 6:15 p.m. sharp   Assalam Aleikum wrt, Ilm Academy will be hosting the annual Evening for Parents and looks forward to seeing all parents there. Please note that this event is for the Parents only. There are no […]

Shoedrive Fundraiser

What: Fundraiser Items needed: Gently used or new shoes of any size Drop-off Location: Ilm Academy  Deadline: End Oct. 31   Asslaam Aleikum wrt, Ilm Academy is working with Funds2Orgs in the upcoming few weeks for a shoe drive fundraiser platform for the school. Please feel free to visit for more information about the […]

First Day of School

Assaalam Aleikum wrt, Ilm Academy welcomes its students to a new school year 2018-19. Insha Allah, Tuesday, September 4 will be the first day of school. It will be early departure at 1 pm for the entire school. The arrival and departure time on regular school days is as follows: Arrival time for every day […]

Departure Card Pickup

Assalaam Aleikum wrt, Ilm Academy parents are requested to pick up the departure cards and parent/student handbooks for their child/children prior to school start date.  These will be available on August 30th at the School Campus. The departure cards have to be signed out by either parent and will not be handed to anyone else.  […]

Essay Contest Honorable Mention

  Asian Pacific Fund Essay Contest  For the past couple of years, Ilm Academy students have been enthusiastic participants in the essay competition sponsored by the Asian Pacific Fund. This year, it is proud to announce Farrah Javed of Seventh Grade the recipient of an honorable mention award in the competition. Farrah Javed was invited […]