Announcing Ilm High School For Girls. Blazing a New Niche…

In a continuing effort to uphold its firm commitment to quality education in the community, Ilm Academy has resolved to undertake the significant initiative of an all-girls high school. Taking into account the pressing necessity of such an institution, and in response to frequent queries on the subject, Ilm High School for Girls, 9th Grade, will insha Allah commence from September 2019. Structured along the lines of California State Standards and UC admission requirements, the high school will cater not only to 8th graders from other schools and Ilm Academy but also to those pupils who are currently enrolled in hifz programs.
The objective behind an all girls high school is to lay the foundation of a sleekly well designed, applaudable model, that offers a highly structured format for the mandatory last four years of schooling as an agreeable alternative to home-schooling and public/co-ed high schools. Ilm High School for Girls is an extension of Ilm Academy and will start as 9th Grade from September 2019. The high school will Insha Allah advance a grade every year.
Ilm High School for Girls aims to be a sustainable, long-term vision for upholding the identity of Muslim girls in the western society in the 21st century. The high school will be offering courses and electives not only compliant with California State Standards and UC Admissions Requirements, but also in line with skill-sets most aptly suited for career choices for girls. Key focus will be on leadership skills and ascendency in writing.
Overview of Required Curriculum Subjects:
Ilm High School for Girls, 9th Grade, will offer Algebra or Geometry, English Regular or Honors, Biology Regular or Honors, Arabic I, World Culture and Geography, and Physical Education. Home Economics will be offered as elective course. Admission into Geometry, Honors Biology, and Honors English will be contingent upon testing.
Enrollment is now open. The early registration discount ends on January 25, 2019. Application forms are available online or through the school office.

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